A Temporary Mirage

Life is a grand undertaking.  It is a bold expedition into the unknown, fraught with peril and danger, but also excitement and glory.  But for me, the chance of pain and failure make the joy and success so clear and crisp.  Nothing is quite as refreshing as the first bite of food after an interminable fast, the first taste of fresh air after the final breath of storm, the first glimpse of light piercing the dark of the dreary night sky in the morning.  Life is sometimes a bitter drink to swallow, but is also what makes it sweet.

At times I lose sight of the larger picture.  I forget the magnitude of infinity, or I lose my perspective on life.  This is only a temporary predicament, however.  Paths veer off course at times, the way seems lost.  But although we may lose sight of the light, this does not mean that it is not still there, shining in all its brightness and glory.  This is a normal condition for us as humans; we get caught up in life and the physical, for it is a major part of our existence in this moment.

One of my favorite authors C.S. Lewis, a very spiritual man that happened to belong to a major religion, also saw beyond mere humanity to the soul.  Lewis said that “You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.”  This simple observation rocks me to the core, anchors me, and pulls me back into the now. At this present time, the vehicle of my energy and soul on this physical plane is my body.  It is finely tuned and evolutionary perfected machine that has needs and requires care.  This is the gift of this life, the wonders of living and the delights of our physical vessels.

But the spirit is the base of our existence, the seat of our soul.  As such we must maintain our equilibrium, our duality, and reside within both our physical and spiritual bodies.  Neither can be whole while the other is empty.  Balanced, we are in harmony with the universe, and one.  Love.

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