Feeling Breezy

The wind enters my head; it fills my mind with a roaring gust of tumultuous energy and change.  It feels overwhelming as it brings an element of chaos to a self-imposed sense of order.  A structure, a paradigm, a way to map the unknown, fit the infinite into a box.  A formula to living and life that is definite, that has boundaries, that follows order.  Even now my ego tries to convince me of this doctrine, prescribe my existence to this dogma.  But in the hall of my mind, this thought is written upon loose paper, and the wind entering from the open end blows the pages out of the door.

Ideas are infectious, especially if it is one that makes its way to our hearts.  Strong enough ideas can be carried by that same wind, and be leashed upon society with the sudden ferocity and fury of a fire storm.  Nothing stands in its path as it cuts a burning swathe through forests of sleepy trees, for the longest time content in their complacency.  The idea, seemingly innocuous, may arise from a completely random or chance meeting, conversation, or experience.  When it enters our ears, the heaviness of it sinks through to our soul, where it connects with a deeper part of our spirit.  It shakes us from within, vibrating out of the core until every particle of our body is filled with the same frequency.  It fuels the fires of our passions, connecting with the deepest part of our internal reservoir, our essence.

The wind whispers this idea as it moves through the world, spreading it with every breath and gust.  Gently it brushes the leaves of the trees, slowly awakening them to their own presence, to their own power.  Gradually it spreads out through the forests, is passed through the roots and shared by their own subtle languages.  The forest changes, now aware and no longer complacent.  Together the trees grow, and raise the vibration of everything around.

Next time you feel the wind, stop for a moment.  Try to settle enough to hear its whispers, to catch a hint of its voice.  If lucky enough, we may hear its good news, and share in its wisdom.  Love.

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