The World Welcomes

To my continuing surprise, I woke up this morning in paradise.  The sounds of my dogs barking and chasing cows in the adjacent field wafted through my mind as I slowly started to arise from my lucid dream state.  The howler monkeys greet me as I open my door with their throaty screams, yelling ‘good morning’ and ‘wake up, life is happening!’  The sun smiles down upon me and unrelentingly bathes me in its warm embrace.  The winds whisper welcome to my ears, and my eyes take in the majesty of the miracle that is life, the big and the small.  My nose is filled with strange and exotic scents, creating an air of mystery and intrigue that permeates the air all around me.

I glance out my window and am greeted by a Babel-esque scene.  Green mountains of living stone reach longingly up into the sky, adamantly striving against nature and itself to gain entrance into the heavens.  The separation between the two is nebulous at best; an indistinct boundary enshrouded in a fog of uncertainty.  Palm trees rock and sway in the howling Papagayo winds, fronds raised to the sky like arms of a choir singing a praising chorus.  Each is dancing in celebration of life, glorifying the present, giving thanks for the gift of this now that we are all graced with.

What do I see?  All of these magical miracles of nature all around me, all of the expressions of energy, all of the divine manifestations of life are all connected.  All have roots that drink water from the same well that nourishes our entire world.  Physically these visions, smells, feelings appear different, appear to be separate.  But if I stop, and instead of looking, I see; instead of listening, I hear; instead of thinking, I know, that everything is one.  Everything takes its divine inspiration and blueprint from the source; it fills everything with its energy of light.  That source is unfathomable; its depths can’t be plumbed by any of our limited human means or methods.  All is connected to the source, and from it sprouts all of the infinite permutations of life and energy.

I am thankful to be one with the land all around, with every being on the Earth.  I am thankful to share matter with the cosmos, and share energy with the rest of the universe.  It fills me with love, which I gladly share, unconditionally.  Love.

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