Energy Acceleration

My world has been moving very rapidly as of late.  I blink as days turn into weeks, and they both flow on past my eyes as fluid and elusive to my grasp as water.  Less than a month has passed since this new year began; 2012, a year of pivotal importance for the human race, and one characterized by dynamic energy change and growth.  Has this not already been proven in only these short 28 days?  I feel myself, my wave, vibrating so quickly, its frequency bursting with excitement from its connection to the deeply resonation energy of the universe.

It is clearer and clearer everyday that the old paradigm is breaking down, and the world is moving on from its old ways and vibrations.  We see echoes of this change manifesting itself around the world; Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the general elevation in energy and love of our societies.  In politics, strong emergence of third-party candidates, election of regime opposition candidates, a voice of the people finally arising, and being heard.  No longer is the world content with status quo, with being a number, a resource to be exploited and used.  Once again we as a people are recognizing that we are humanity, that it is not some abstract concept reserved for a few.

As humans we are realizing the potential and power of our species, and seeing that there are other ways to live than a materialistic debt-driven society.  We can live simply; we can live in harmony, with the Earth as our peer to be respected instead of our subject to be ruled.  Within the universe there is abundance for all, there is an interconnection and interdependence between every being of energy.  We exist in this universe as one, devoid of separation.  And as one, we must love ourselves, and love the world.  We must love.

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