What Do You See?

Another amazing day in paradise, I’m glad to be able to share it with you all.  I am pleased to be hosting two of my brothers at my home in Costa Rica, one brother by blood and another brother by soul.  I look forward to seeing through their eyes this paradise that I live in, with the wonder and awe of someone finding treasure, coming upon a double rainbow something for the first time.  Their fresh perspective of awe is one that I always strive to retain.  When I look outside, I want to see everything anew, for it has changed.  It is not the same conglomeration of matter and energy that I saw a day before, even a moment before.  I want to see everything for the first time every time.

But perspective is a very defining factor in our existence.  The way we choose to look at the world, try to understand its intricacies, and interpret experiences is something that is individual to every being in the universe.  Of course, we do share some view points with others in life.  Through shared cultures, similar geographic backgrounds, and common external influences, our perspective is shaped by our surroundings.  Not to mention any political or religious influences, and always the supreme molding our parents, where we are clay to be shaped by their hands.

We are in control of our perspective of the universe and life as we know it.  We can alter this perception of our reality; heighten it, lessen it, color it with emotion, shade it with hurt or pain.  But all of this is at our own doing.  But when we alter our perception, it is only the way we see something that is changing.  The truth does not change just because I choose to look at it differently.  Especially in times of depression and sadness, our perspective dictates our ability to process these feelings.  Our ego tries to tell us that at this moment in time, this is the universe, and this is all that there is.  That suffering and pain are inescapable, and what is real.

But all of these feelings, positive or negative, are only fractions of the whole, only slices of existence, brief snapshots of a much larger picture.  One perspective does not change the nature of existence, but it may feel like that to us.  So with this knowledge, see the universe through a rose filter, one of love and light.  See the positive and happiness of our world, and let our perception be one of joy.  See not the darkness, for although it is there, behind it there is light.  Love.

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