Life is Discipline

To live life to the max.  This is the desire, the goal of many an individual in the world.  To squeeze every possible moment of joy and pleasure out of life, to enjoy oneself at all times, and to the maximum potential.  In our world today, this seems like a pipe dream.  How can we live life to the max if we must spend a sizeable chunk of our time every week expending our energy towards another’s goals in order to receive monetary compensation to be able to survive?  How are we to live life to the fullest if we are trapped doing something we would rather not be doing?

So many people are crammed into cookie cutter professions that do not fulfill.  Does a square block fit through a circular hole?  If the square block is small enough, yes, but what of us big blocks?  Are we condemned to find only temporary and partial solace within the current system?  Many feel that they have no options, that the windows have closed on dreams, that they must make do with the current situation.  But just look at the infinite potential of the universe to see that this is not the truth!

For this moment, this right here and now, this is life.  This is our reality.  It may not be what we expected or what we envisioned it to be, but there is no denying that it is happening right now.  Our perception and acceptance of this now is what makes the difference.  Our current reality and the vision of our life may not necessarily be in sync.  This is not a problem!  Within ourselves we have all the power of the universe to choose the direction of our life, to let it divinely express itself through our path and actions.

I propose another way of looking at the world.  To live life to the max is to express our energy to our max potential, to be completely and unrepentantly ourselves.  To be wholly oneself.  And the way to do this is with discipline.  For me, discipline is doing all of the things one must to do, that one needs to do to be completely oneself.  So, to live life to the max is to live life with max discipline, with the max expression of our energies into the universe.  Life is fully lived when it is full of self-discipline

In that job, in that place that you currently find yourself, in your reality, be the maximum you.  Impeccably express your energy, and discipline yourself.  The energy that we share and express in the universe is reflected back to us.  Positive outcomes return from positive thinking, but the same also holds true for negative thinking.  Live life with max discipline, be the max person that you are, and you will be surprised with the doors that open and the changes in the path ahead.  Love.

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