The World as a Temple

Change seems to be a very common theme in the universe, and particularly my life right now.  It is permeating out of the very fabric of existence, pulsing through the cosmos.  Multiple mediums of communication with the universe, from many different people, keep sending the message of change, and furthermore, SHOCKING change.  The universe that we live in truly is a shocking place.  Have we grown accustomed to this?  Do we still see this when we look at the stars?  Gaze at the moon?

I still feel dwarfed in this beautiful country, am still awed by its simplest wonders of creation, am humbled by its majesty and splendor.  My daily run up the road from my house is a trip to temple, a journey of the soul, full of exultation.  I’ll always be amazed at how blessed I am, at how rugged and raw the land is.  I reach a certain point on the return where the land and mountains open up, and perspective falls upon me with the suddenness and subtleness of a hammer.  My knees quake as I briefly catch a glimpse of the immense scope of the infinite, the grandeur of existence, and how I am a tiny dust mote in the eye of the sun.

More so than any other place I have visited, Costa Rica is so vividly, vibrantly, deliciously real.  Here it is apparent that the land is king, and men are vassals tasked with maintaining the fief.  It is our duty and blessing.  This land is undaunted, undeterred by humans and the imposition of our will.  It scoffs at our desire to control, our futile attempts to dominate the land.  We may think we gain purchase, but if this is so it is at the will of the Earth.

A simple drive to the gas station refreshes the soul, fills me with grace.  It makes my eyes shine and my face smile wide with wonder, with gratitude.  This is real!  This is today!  The world is singing on high in denial of fear and darkness, celebrating existence.  Celebrating the ‘I am.’  Smile, for this is life, and we are blessed to share in it.  Love.

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