How About Them Apples

Every time I open my eyes, the world is different.  Something changed, grew up in the night, came into its full expression of itself.  The way I looked at the world yesterday no longer works today, for this is new.  Of the very few constants in life, one is that life is not static, that it is ever a dynamic flow of energy and is evolving.

I glance at the apple sitting upon my desk; I note its color, its texture, its location.  I am aware of its relation relative to the rest of my desk, and relative to me.  But now that I take the time to look at it again, I notice it is different.  Sure, it has not moved, it is still green for Granny Smiths rock my socks, and it is still smooth and shiny.  But fundamentally, we both changed.  New atoms penetrate our bodies and replace old ones.  Our energy interacts, and in this coupling, each changes the other.  I impart a force and energy upon the apple, just as it does to me.

There appears to be a physical separation between us.  I am defined in my physicality, just as the apple is.  But look through the three dimensions, look past the physical to the energy behind, the underlying base existence of spirit.  As beings of energy, we no longer look so different.  The separation is banished, and replacing it is a gradient, a gentle flow of energy between us, and between every other thing in the universe.  Beyond our limited three dimensional sight, this is the true nature of existence, happening all around us.  Most of us do not perceive this, or do not realize the interconnection.

But when I look at the apple, I see more than the sum of its parts.  I see it right here and now, that is true.  But I also see the journey it traveled, its solitary moments of sacredness throughout its life that led us to this intersection.  Before it was this apple, it was a seed, planted for harvest or tossed carelessly aside, discarded, and left to fend for itself.  Abandoned, but not defeated, the seed managed to find its way into fertile soil.  Against all of the infinite probabilities and possibilities, it took rook, drank the waters of life, bathed in the sun’s warm rays, and grew.  It thrived.  Grew down and up and outwards in defiance of tyranny, in celebration of life and freedom.  Until one day, it looked at itself, and realized that at some point during its journey, it had become a tree.  And this tree, wanting to share its joy with the universe, created a fruit to protect its lineage, and sent them out into the world to share, to live.

And from that tree and that seed before it, and through the unbroken heritage and descent of its ancestors, this apple is here before me today.  And today we have communion, we share energies, and even further become one.  When I bite into it, tart, sweet juices . inundate my taste buds.  But more than just taste fills me, its joy, its bliss, its energy footprint flows into me and fills me.  I am grateful to share, and blessed to witness this miracle of life.  When I finish, I spread the seeds wide and far, to continue the cycle.  Of the universe.  Of life.  Of love.

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