Positive Power

As fallible human beings, do we have a tendency to gravitate towards the negative?  With our freewill, we are able to flow with the universe, or resist its gentle but very persistent call.  Nature always follow the path of least resistance, but then what of humanity?  The immutable tendencies of nature and the universe do not apply to us?  Why then?

Fear, negative energy.  Lurking in the shadows of our minds.  Waiting for a chance, an opening, a moment of weakness to slip into souls and distract us from the universe.  To create a divide, a separation between us and the rest of the universe, to convince us that we are alone, we are not one.  With this fear, the truth is hidden to us, and all we see if the darkness.  Subdued, enslaved by our negative emotions.  Fear feeds on this negativity, and only breeds more.  It’s an endless downward spiral of immeasurable depth.  It’s as if freewill is defeated, as if we are stripped of our power in the direction of our lives.  But we are deceived, for our ego attempts to convince us that we are alone, that we hold dominion over everything around us.  Pleads with us that we are the masters of this universe, able to control, and subjugate existence at our will.

We are masters, but not with the imperative of control, but of creation.  Energy is positive and negative, yin and yang, the broken and the solid, heaven and earth, light and dark.  It is within this duality that we exist, within this balance, in harmony and in chaos.  We oscillate back in forth within our duality, many times at the whim of other external or hidden forces, but also within ourselves.  When we dwell and anchor our vibration in negativity, in the lack, we only condemn ourselves to darkness, to insecurity, to fear.  It is our aim to have the awareness to realize when this happens, and consciously remove ourselves from the cycle.  Through trust, through love, through anchoring a positive vibration we can flush out the doubt, expel the darkness from the cracks of existence, and eliminate the shadows.  Let us dwell in the light side of duality, in the abundance, in the love and positive energy of the universe.  In the spaces between life, it is not shadows that are found, but light.  Love.

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