I feel I have been doing a little limiting of myself in my writing recently.  Always I sit down to a blank page on Word, open to the universe, and create.  Partake in the divine tango of existence, the rapid movement and flow of energy, dancing through me with passion and gusto, with love.  The blank page is my canvas, words are my paint, my fingers the brush.  And the universe, my muse.  Many times I glimpse something behind the veil.  I only need wait for the wind to gust for the veil to be brushed aside, and its truth revealed to me.  Its secrets of itself, its hidden joys and pleasures, its subtle passions.  Each peek fills me with joy and gratitude at being able to share in this miracle.  And being open and empty, I fill with its energy of creation, and am merely the medium for it to express itself.

But lately, I haven’t been sitting down to write, I’ve been sitting down to blog.  I’ve been feeling constricted and constrained within the frame.  In my own mind, and by my own volition, I place limits and restrictions upon the expression of my energy, of my art.  Fill out this creation form, be sure all the questions are answered, hit submit, and presto!  There you have it, the recipe for art!  It’s purely mental, just a little a step away from my energy and writing discipline.  But I’ve been met with so much resistance, through myself, by trying to go against my grain and flow of energy, condensing myself.  No more, no limits, be limitless.  We limit ourselves and put boundaries upon our expressions and experiences every day!  We have expectations and ways we expect our days and energies to flow, but seriously?  Do we really believe our ego when it tells us that we can control everything, and package the universe into one neatly wrapped up box?

And so I return to my writing discipline and MY recipe, and am filled with a lightness of heart, a relaxing of the shoulders, a sinking into the universe.  The step into the oneness of creation, to become a conduit for the energy, channel it through my filter and put it down upon this page to share my vision of life, of the universe.  Love.


This life, it astounds for miracles abound

The hum of existence, a glorious sound

Life ebbs and it flows as we watch where it goes

And breathe in the salts of the seas all around

We travel upon it, the ups and the downs

And search for those doors, both the known and unfound

The winds of change blow, we are caught in the throes

Of life from the seas to the skies to the ground

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3 Responses to Realizations

  1. the777man says:

    What a beautiful post. You summed up exactly how I write. I have always considered my to paint with words. Your poem was beautiful also. I happen to be on my way to just sitting with that blank page and letting some words flow out onto it. You put it so wonderfully!

    By the way, I would like to invite you to join us in a writing contest that we are sponsoring on one of our other blogs. It is for charity. We are also putting creating some forums for both visual artists and word artists, and we will be launching them shortly. I will be following you!

    Peace and Harmony,

  2. wanderlustcr says:

    Thanks for the feedback Sallyjane, I’m really happy that I touched someone with my writing. I would love to put something together for writing contest, let me know more about it. Love.


  3. the777man says:

    I invited you to check out the writing contest, but did not give you the address to find out about it. You can find it at All the information is on that blog. There are also links from my blog on you can click on my name.

    Blessings Sallyjane

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