The Storm

We exist in this universe as duality, as particle and wave.  We are positive and negative, up and down, right and wrong.  We occupy both sides of the energy spectrum periodically throughout our existence.  As such, our life is defined by this duality, and the undulating swing of our energies from one spectrum to another.

Nothing personifies and captures the essence and transition of our energy for me than a storm.  Storms in our life can arrive out of nowhere, and depart again as swiftly as they came.  It is in the storms that we are transitioning in our duality of existence, moving from one end to another.  Life is smooth sailing and calm seas one moment, then the torment arrives, and we are engulfed in the storm.

One of my close friends from university passed away about a year ago.  Her time on Earth was brief, and our time together much shorter so.  But she still dances inside my head and wanders with me as I journey and live everyday in this blessing we call existence.  I want to share a post I wrote for her a few months back, that maybe many of us can relate to.  I highly recommend reading it, as the words flowed through me so effortlessly.  I felt like all I did was relate Lindsay’s feelings as the universe filled me with inspiration.  Love.

The Storm

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