Ode to Bone

This is my dog Bone.  He’s half pit bull, half lab, and all miracle.  We are super tight, and even have sweet nicknames for each other.  I like to call him bone crusher, monkey bone, crazy bone, vanilla bone, and monkey face, while he lovingly refers to me in various barks of different tones, volumes, and lengths.  Sure he may love skunks, have worse selective hearing than I do, and loves barking at howler monkeys.  But these attributes make Bone who he is, a perfectly divine creation.  I’m extremely blessed to have a connection with him, and have him in my life.

We also have an unspoken connection that links our energies together.  When I first looked upon Bone’s face as a newborn puppy, I knew that he was to be a part of my life.  I had an expiring contract at a school, a little money in savings, was looking for a new place to live, a new job, and my vision of the future was filled with uncertainty.  But none of these things mattered as we looked into each others’ eyes.  Right then, a bond formed that ties us together for the rest of our lives on this planet.  I trusted in the universe that this was meant to be, and let it take care of the how.

Bone and other animals are all mini Buddhas, so firmly anchored in life and in the now.  Never worried about the future, never living in the past,  only completely involved in the present.  What a great vibration to be surrounded by on my journey.  I learn so much about living my life in the now, observing, being aware, and following my bliss from his daily example.  He has the wanderlust in him as well, and together we search the world for light, love, and truth.  Love.

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