Life as a Wave

I first want to thank everyone for the love and support, it’s so refreshing and warming to me to hear people getting something from my writing.  I love sending energy out into the world, for it ends up returning to us ten fold.  Do of course feel free to share my writing with anyone you may think interested or receptive.  I am also fielding comments and questions from the posts, I love the feedback.  If anyone has an issue that you are struggling wish, feel free to share it for some clarification or dialogue.

For this, my friends, is life!  The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute our existence!  This is the grand canvas upon which we are all invited to write our own story, and to paint our own picture.  The fickle ebb and flow of a tide that sends our vessels on a journey of both up and down.  For we are cyclical beings, we are energy, and as such we are waves.  We rise and fall as we follow the crests and troughs of our wave pattern, or life as we also like to call it.

For some time, many of us have been in a trough.  We would find ourselves lost in a trough, doomed to drift through the doldrums of misery.  This is not unique, many of our fellow travelings have been having the same feelings.  We are in a very dynamic time of energy flux, and do not think that it has no affect upon us.  At times, we get tired.  We get worn down, pummeled by life, and sometimes crash.  Our fire inside dims.

But the great thing about a wave is that although it falls, it always rises again.  I’m sure i’m not the only one that has felt winds finally change.  A gathering of momentum, the cogs slowly beginning to turn and find a rhythm in their machinations.  The whoosh of  deep breath, and a brief moment of reverie before the exhale.  Have heart, you are alive, life is growing, doors are opening, and a light is shining through.

When baby Grand arrived at the complex on his homecoming, the universe greeted him with a torment of wind that uprooted a tree, a tree that had persevered and held on until this very moment.  Angels could not have heralded his arrival more grandly.  The universe is singing around us as it flows abundantly into everything, holds us in its kind grasp.  Have the trust and patience to ride the wave, and find yourself more often upon its crest.  Peace and joy.  Gratitude and abundance.  Love.

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3 Responses to Life as a Wave

  1. MJ Hinson says:

    Glad to hear that the wave is rising again! After a few weeks of BLAH, I am finally feeling rejuvenated and more motivated and creative than ever. Good to know that it’s not just me 🙂

  2. wanderlustcr says:

    Strength in numbers MJ, always we must remember that we are indeed all one. If one of us feels some way, most likely that same feeling is being echoed in other beings, as we are picking up vibrations from the cosmos. Love!


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