Simply Stupendous

Greetings my fellow planetary travelers, and what a glorious and righteous day we are blessed share together this day in the universe.  The sun rose as it should in the morning, the sky is where it’s supposed to be, the laws of gravity kept us all firmly rooted upon the planet, and the sun left again without taking us all with it in a fiery inferno.  Given the meeting of these criterion, I’d say that today was a smashing success for the world as a whole.

Wow, that is an interesting interpretation of the day one may think.  As a society, how do we generally characterize a successful day?  By financial or material gain?  By being invited to exclusive parties?  By not exploding at the end of an arduous day of work?  We humans have a tendency to overlook the simple things in the world all around us.  A box haphazardly folded into a design, a feather dancing in the wind.  These simple pleasures are the little divine moments of joy and simplicity that fill the universe at all times, but we are unaware.

So here we live our lives, surrounded by countless miracles.  Do we see them for what they are, this simplest of things that is so divinely unique?  I rode my chariot to the rental office today to pay my rent.  This is also the equivalent of pedaling the beach cruiser around, but far more exciting.  I love walking, running, or biking because it SLOWS ME DOWN.  I am not moving so fast that I am aware of my place in the universe, I am aware of the life around me, and I am aware of the interaction and interconnectedness of us all.

At one point, the sun pierced the clouds and a single ray light illumined a field.  It glinted off of the wings of a host of passing dragonflies hovering over the flowering meadow.  It awed me to witness it, to experience it, and then inundated me with the knowledge that this immaculate, beautiful, divine creation is happening everywhere, all over the world RIGHT NOW.  We are surrounded innumerable simple miracles at all times.  We could have it all, or we could have simplicity.  Simplicity is all I need.  Peace and joy, gratitude and abundance.  Love.

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