Where the Wild Things Are

Costa Rica is definitely one of the places in the world where the wild things can be found.  Our monkey friend once again visited us today during intense talk about the nature of existence and the universe.  A pretty standard Monday at La Paz del Cielos, where the peace of the skies is abundantly present.  But anywho our 8 fingered monkey friend, who as of yet we are unable to discover his name, took a leap of faith in the universe from one flimsy tree branch to the next.  He made it, obviously he is a professional at being a howler monkey.  Pictures and video will follow.

But he’s not the only wild visitor of the day.  It must be spider season, but our friendly tarantula has decided to make the laundry room his home for the night.  If it was up to me, he could squat and stay there as long as he pleases.  Munch on all the mosquitoes and pesky bugs you please, mon frere.  The stick-bug above my door seems to have similar thoughts of colonization, and he is only terrifying to those of us whom were traumatized by small twigs in the past.  Oh, the horror.

It was tough for me to think like a spider, a little easier to think like a stick, but with the Papagayos howling lately I had no problem thinking I am flying.  Especially when I am running down the beach with the wind in my face and my arms out like i’m taking off.  A host of dragonflies decided to grace us with their presence today.  Their delicate dance upon the winds, buffeted lazily by the winds of change, going where they are led.  It’s breathtaking, each tiny bit of energy so precious, so beautiful, such small but divine vessels of life.  What a great universe to share with all of these wild things, and what a great universe to explore as a wild things ourselves.  Cheers.

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One Response to Where the Wild Things Are

  1. Ryan says:

    Best. Post. Yet.

    Looking forward to more…

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