Awake Today

What a joy to be alive today on the planet with you all, and every other thing in the universe, of course.  I slept lucidly and restlessly this morning; it felt like I was trying to break out of something, or release myself from its grasp.  It was holding me and filling my mind with impatient expectation.  And it was the idea of what next, where I am going, and how I am getting there.  As soon as I became aware of this, it emptied and flowed out of my mind, and I was at peace.  I slept again.

I find it amazing how much power the concepts of the next, how, and the future have over us; the idea asserted its agreement upon me while I was asleep!  That is its power while I am comatose and free of distraction, in the world every day we are constantly under siege. So many objects, institutions, advertisements, social constructions exist to hold us in the paradigm of what happens next, and worrying about the future.  Worry benefits and befits this belief, and we are placated with promised and assurances about the future.  How futile this truly is.  We are promised the future, bet upon it, and live with the mindset the future is always there for us, tomorrow will always come.  But we are not immortal in this physicality, we do pass from the face of this Earth.  Do many of us realize that we are not immortal?

We choose to not believe, we ignore it.  We cover and mask that knowledge with things and rich life, fun people and great parties.  Maybe we seek shelter in the virtues and vices of life.  But we still live our lives based upon such a fragile promise; this moment only occurs once, and we are sacrificing too many of them!  This prompts the age old question of “what would you do if today was your last day on Earth?”  Well hey, TODAY could very well be that day.  The numbers don’t lie, we really are hanging on to existence by a single thread.  Something like 10 to the one millionth power of the probability of making it to existence here today.  Do we feel like pushing it a little further?

The answer that many find and I found again this morning is this; the now is what is real.  This now is definite, this now is for sure.  This here and now is the only real thing I see in the world right now, that I will place my bets on.  Does the grass worry about the sun coming up tomorrow?  Does a bird worry about the wind that it is flying through?  Is the tree scared to let go of its leaves?  They are all awake to the moment, awake and firmly present in the now.  They how needless and useless it is to control or worry about the future, for it will come no matter what.  Will we be there when it does is the question.  So in the meantime, live in the now, be awake today, and live the life that you want to live in the future now.  Peace and joy, gratitude and abundance.  Love.

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