Staring Contest

Greetings my fellow planetary travelers, how was your interaction with the universe today?  What divinely unique event happened to you, what awed you, what inspired you?  If we ask ourselves these questions, it really brings to light how truly ASTOUNDING it is to be alive today on this planet.  I, for one, am extremely happy to be here today, breathing deeply in the universe.

Grand arrived home from his trip to Liberia yesterday, with two happy but exhausted parents in tow, to the tranquility of the temple we all call home.  I can see that both of them changed profoundly since we last met.  New lines of care and love crease their faces, a light shines out of their eyes, and it is beautiful.  So much love for all of you, I look forward to our new interactions together whilst simultaneously journeying the universe.

The ocean called my name, and I answered.  Communion with the waters of our planet humbled me, and pulled me into the flow of the universe, held me within its grasp.  I needed to see how small I was again, I needed perspective.  So I climbed a tree.  At the top,  swaying with this gentle giant, two howler monkeys had the same idea.  I looked at my monkey friend, and he stared into my eyes.  Two beings of energy, experiencing the universe the same way at the same place at the same time, through a barrier of species.  We both left with a profound understanding of the other, with a new perspective to see the universe.  We shared; it was simple, and it was real.

Sharing can be hard sometimes.  By opening enough to share, we also become vulnerable.  Yes, we have all been hurt, and we all may be hurt again.  But that sharing is worth all the risk, being our unique energy in harmony with the rest of the universe.  That’s some crazy stuff, life.  Peace and joy, gratitude and abundance.  Love.

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