Beginnings Abound

In a rich world ripe with new beginnings and full of divinely unique moments, let us extend some love to my neighbors, Jake and Sherri.  As you can see, Sherri is with child, and today we can congratulate them on the birth of their first child, the healthy and aptly named Grand.  Cheers to you two my friends, how blessed you are to create and bring a piece of each other into existence together, what a testament to your love.  I’ll make sure I have Grand’s machete ready and waiting for him as soon as he arrives at the compound.  Ample coconuts and weeds anxiously await their fate at his hands.  Who knows where he will go, but what joy and bliss it will be to watch and help him on his journey.

The new day brings new joys and new surprises.  New days may also hold challenges and problems.  We may feel that each day is the same, that day in and day out we are trapped in the routine.  Our patterns, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual, define us.  They control the direction we move in our lives, and dictate the manner in which we relate to the world.  We behave and make choices based upon these established cycles and proven ways we know of reacting to situations.

I look at my patterns, like some of them, and want to change others.  It is through awareness that we can be consciously aware of our patterns, and thus have the choice to break them or stay in that cycle.  These cycles dominate our energy and life when we aren’t aware of our place in the universe, when we look forward or backwards, and are not focusing on the now.  It is easy to set oneself on autopilot and dwell on what the future holds, and not be present in the present.  It is easy to get lost in the past.  Mastering our awareness is the first step to maximizing life, to being max present, and living fully.

Be strong, we are not alone in this universe.  Far from it, we are all part of a unitive consciousness and energy that encompasses all.  Live in the peace, joy, and abundance that the universe desires.  Love.

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