And So It Begins


Welcome one and all to the formal and also informal launch and inaugural post for The Wanderlust blog.  The final creation of this blog comes after many days of me knowing that I want and need to start my own, that I am really up for the challenge and the change, and that the universe is opening doors for me in this direction.  It would be foolish of me not to step through them.  But and so, after many days of deliberation and dallying, it is done.  Cheers all around.

It’s an amazing feeling to take the leap out into the unknown, relying solely on oneself and trust in the universe to carry us forward.  It can be very scary, a complete release of reassurance and control.  Faced with all of the freedom in the world, freewill abounds to be molded any direction, and this life is solely our own responsibility.  At the whim of oneself, and it is completely within our own personal power to succeed, or to fail, or to accomplish every goal and dream we desire.

A howler monkey greeted me this afternoon by crawling on the tin roof of my apartment. What better to do than go see how his world is today?  The poor guy only had eight fingers from some accident in the past, but he still moved around like a monkey ninja.  He peered over the edge of the roof and looked me in the eyes.  I said what I thought to be the equivalent of “hello friend” in howler language, to which he simply nodded agreement.  We had an awesome time intersecting in the universe, and then he stood up, leaped onto a palm tree, and we went our separate ways.  And it was bliss.

I awoke this morning to paradise with a shade of cloud cover, so that the sun wasn’t unrelentingly hot.  At a few points in time, though, I was forced to take shelter in the pool.  It was glorious.  I started my morning with some meditation and grounding, and it really influenced my energy for the rest of my day.  Why would I not?  It calms me, connects me, puts me in touch with the universe, and yet sometimes I still don’t take the time.

But this is a trend that I see in learning, myself and others.  Many times we may know something and understand something, grasp the inherent concept, but be unable to completely process and integrate the information.  We all process and interpret information in our own cultivated ways, and do so at very different rates.  The common factor throughout, however, is that moment when after knowing something for so long, it finally becomes a part of our mind, it is written upon us and becomes something that is with us everyday.  It defines us and shapes our existence from that point on.  But the simple feeling that comes along with the understanding, the awakening to this glimpse of the truth of something, is astounding.

And I think this is a great start, and I am very happy that I am able to share.  I feel extremely blessed to be alive and here this day on the planet.  Peace and joy, abundance and gratitude.  We are all one, live and love unconditionally.  Love.

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