Inside Looking In

Life expresses itself infinitely.

Life expresses itself infinitely.

Alone is a powerful feeling, a fiery crucible that defines and shapes many a being’s motivations and experiences within the universe of the now. It is this existential fear that catalyzes much of the change in our world, and the scars of its presence can be easily found by one who sees with the heart.

The implications of alone are more than enough to keep one up all night, wearily wrestling with one’s own concept of existence and what lies beyond. Shaking and shivering, unsated, we finally retire to a restless sleep with no real conclusion, and perhaps with an even greater fear that one may not be found, or may not exist.

Upon waking, startlingly we realize that the question still remains. A ghostly apparition, elusive, illusive, it haunts us. It begs for our attention, yet at the same time repels us with the force of its shadow, the weight of the omnipresent unknown. It screams, in agony, for resolution, for peace from its endless torment.

Yet, even more frightening, is the fear that peace may be beyond what we are able to give.

We run from alone, we hide from alone; we try to crowd out, drown out, and deny the alone. We ignore the alone, we implore the alone; we insist, we resist, and we dismiss the alone. Perhaps we distract the self from its presence, and gain some respite from its clawing incessance.

Perhaps. Temporarily.

Yet always it returns, a siren’s call, and despite all our efforts, we are unable to escape its harrowing song.

In alone, where is purpose? Where is meaning? With annihilation right around the corner, and seeming insignificance in the passenger seat next to us, where is it that we are driving this car? Furthermore, what is it that we are here to do? If we are all disconnected, insignificant specks of matter that ‘randomly’ take form, exist briefly, and then wink out of existence, what exists beyond the pursuit of the assuagement of the temporal illusion of self?

This idea has much momentum in our world, and the symptoms of this infection can be readily observed. It is in this illusion that many have taken refuge to, for once, be free of the nagging question that defines our existence. It is apparent that this cannot continue to exist, and the satisfaction that we derive from this sort of being will slowly pale, and the world once more will be devoid of taste beside the constant, overpowering spice of alone.

Yet the universe holds the answers, for the one that knows how to look. Nestled within itself, hidden in plain sight, is the antidote to the epidemic that plagues our people with a spiritual malaise. The solution? Alone becomes all one.

When alone is present with the idea of all one, what is experienced is the largest, collective sigh of relief and release through the entire universe. It is a relaxation into the realization that alone exists as a part of all one.  Within infinity, everything and nothing live in peace and harmony.

When placed next to the concept of infinity and given contrast, alone becomes clear. Some choose to define the experience as separation or disconnection, yet these perspectives arise from within the concept of alone and are limited by its conditions.

More precisely, the feeling of alone is expressed through the concept of insulation. When we feel alone, we isolate and insulate ourselves from the rest of the universe, while still remaining an essential and integral part of it. Like putting one’s head in the sand, one may blind oneself to the rest of the universe, yet this does not blind the rest of the universe from us. What we can choose to perceive as outside still actually exists as a part of the inside.

It is only when we wake up, when we finally choose pull our head out of the sand of alone and open the eyes of our heart to love do we see what has been present all along. Even in an impenetrable darkness that seems to swallow all hope and possibility, love always remains, and we are all one.

No action is meaningless, no moment is insignificant. One cannot fathom the impact one has upon the rest of the universe; though we may not be able to see or understand all of the ripples, we know that they are there.

As we embrace the idea that we matter, and that we are more than matter, we become aware that our ability to choose allows us to steer a path through the universe in the direction we see fit. Yet beyond this, a pattern exists, that which is the path of least resistance exists. Alone may seem like it isn’t part of the pattern, likewise fear, anger, darkness, and hate. Yet these feelings all have a place in the universe and play their roles in the perpetual, dynamic balancing of the pattern.

In every moment, regardless of what we choose, we both are and are part of a boundless, infinite system of life and love that is growing in every moment in the direction of the highest harmony of All That Is Now. In every moment, alone is losing momentum and all one is gaining more.

Upon the journey, may you travel with grace, love, and gratitude in your hearts.

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In Celebration of Life

papaya tree, costa rica, nature

Thank you for our time together my friend.

Humans co-inhabit a beautiful, lush, thriving planet that is alive and supporting over 8.7 million other species in addition to us. The massive degree of variation of life that we get to experience is a glorious spectacle to behold, one that fills me with boundless gratitude for life in every moment. Even further, we are discovering more beings that occupy this planet with us every day, and each one is spectacularly beautiful and unique, a temple to the divine spirit that moves throughout all existence.

I do not view the world around me as external. I think that concept is an illusion, one that arises from the ego mind and separation. Every moment we are surrounded by an infinite number of divine, spiritual beings that have different form than our own. Why do we have a tendency to thing that we are not the same only because we appear different? The same spark that moves through my vessel moves in all life, in all existence. We are all reflections of the universe, embodiments of love, and faces of unity. When we cease to separate ourselves from what we see, and realize that we are all the same regardless of our form, we relax into the now, expand into infinity, and radiate unconditional love.

After I returned from my jog through the mountains, I was experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance. I watered my flowers and communed with the bed, and then I found that the feeling wasn’t from the addition of something new, but from something being removed. I realized in that moment what happened, and all of the air rushed out of my lungs. My jaw dropped, my eyes widened, and I began to tremble. When I turned around, I knew that the glorious papaya tree that I lived with every day was gone.

Now I know how Treebeard felt when he came upon the edges of his forest that had been devoured by the greed and avarice of Saruman. ‘Many of these trees were my friends, creatures I had known from nut or acorn. They had voices of their own.’

The poignant sense of loss, confusion, anger, and sadness that came with acceptance overwhelmed me, and I fell into a swoon. In this space, I wept for all of the pain and suffering of all of the creatures in the world. Like the Lorax, I wish to speak for the trees.

May your seeds spread life across the world.

May your seeds spread life across the world.

I spent countless moments resting beneath its shade, leaning against its trunk, feeling the rhythm and flow of energy through its body. I ate of its fruit, I bathed in its presence, and I communed with its presence. I used to take pictures of its many faces, and I rejoiced in the myriad ways that it chose to express itself every day. The vibration and warmth of its presence healed me every day, and its stark absence is undeniable in the continued evolution of the moment.

I wept at the passing of my friend, which seems so needless and unnecessary, yet I know this too serves a purpose in the harmony of the universe. Even in its passing it has given me a great gift, that of the experience of mourning, the bittersweet feeling of grief that is born out of love. We can only feel the sting of its loss because of our awareness of its life. It gives me inspiration to plant more trees, and be an agent of growth and life upon this planet.

Of all of the animals and beings that inhabit this Earth, I think that humans are the only monsters. I don’t understand The senseless violence that occurs against peaceful beings that we choose to dismiss or disregard. We ignore the spark of life in their vessels, and nonchalantly extinguish these sparks like we have the right to do so just because we can.

Not until humanity can once again return to our humble roots as stewards and keepers of the Earth as opposed to oppressors and dominators of the Earth will we have peace. This extends to all creatures and all beings of existence, all of the temples of the divine light of life.

For my friend the papaya tree, I give thanks for our time together. I remember fondly all of the moments we shared, the feel of its shade and the taste of its fruit. I remember with gratitude all of the shelter and sustenance it provided for other beings, the sound of birds in its branches. I love the lingering beauty and scent of its flowers, the sturdiness of its trunk, and all of the lessons that it shared with me.

Thank you my friend, and I have all the love in the world for you. Until we meet again, in whatever forms we take, in this world or the next, thank you.

I love you friend.

I love you friend.

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Waking Up Love

costa rica, basil, garden

Choosing love brings clarity to existence.

We live in a universe where humanity is slowly waking from a deep slumber.  A faction of elites exists in our world with the sole intent of control, to harness and direct our energy in the direction that they please.  For too long, the agents of decay have cast a spell of mass hypnosis upon our people that has effectively enslaved us within our own egos.

Their tactics are ingenious.  How do you put chains upon an infinite being?  The answer is to convince them to put them on themselves.  We have been convinced to choose to believe that we are not infinite, and to create limits upon our being.  Through the control of information and economics, capitalism with a focus upon the ego and materialism, much of humanity is bewitched.  Many are blind to the fact that they are complicit with a completely unsustainable living system that is leading us onward to our own imminent destruction.

Our reality is a product of our own malaise, through our choices of buying into the idea of status quo, comfort and complacency.  The qualities of life are growth and decay, and together this forms an endless, infinite dynamic equilibrium of life that we like to call the universe.  If we are not consciously choosing to express our energy, follow our joy, bliss, and excitement, then we are not growing and are not in a sense ‘living’.  If this is the case, the reality of the situation is that we are slowly decaying.

Yet, hope is not lost.  The healing and change is happening as we speak.  We are awakening from the illusion of separateness to once again remember that we as humans are not the center of the universe.  We share it with an infinite number of beings, we inhabit a planet with an astounding degree of variation of life.  We are a part of the whole.  We are not alone; we are all-one.

The cause of the situation and the answer is, and has always been, one and the same.  Choice.  Everything that we experience in our reality we have taken a part in creating through the choices that we have and have not made.  The world is in its current state not solely because of the malicious intent of a select few, but because of what we as a species have allowed to take place.  To change our world, we must once again exert our will-power, and choose.

This is the responsibility of each and every single one of us, as humans, as fellow planetary travelers, as cosmic voyagers, and as divine, spiritual beings.  We begin with ourselves, with the choices that we make, with the energy that we express, and what we allow to happen in every single moment.  We change the world by changing ourselves, by embracing our power and the responsibility that comes with it.  We heal the world by healing ourselves, by shining light into the dark places of our soul to free ourselves from the judgment and blame that we create.

Collectively, we are clearing the cobwebs from our vessels.  We are realizing that we are not machines, and that this is what we become when we act only from the mind and the ego.  We are remembering to feel, remembering that the center of our being-ness is our hearts.  We are embracing our power, we are becoming informed, and with this awareness we are once again beginning to choose and use the gifts that we have been given in this physical reality.

In every single moment, we have the opportunity to choose love.  This choice is superconductive, is incredibly effective, is contagious, and feels amazing.  Choosing love sets into motion more love, alters the momentum of the universe and magnifies itself exponentially.  While it may be difficult at times, and while many forces may be present that attempt to influence our decisions in the opposite direction, we are still free to choose.

Being the change means making choices, different choices then the ones that perhaps we currently have a tendency to do.  When in doubt, remember to choose love.

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Take a Chance, Make a Choice, Be the Change

costa rica, nature, peace

Remember, we are a part of this planet.

It is a new year; the living spaceship we call Earth has completed yet another successful revolution about the sun.  The orbiting process seems to have been pretty uneventful from a distance, but looking closer onto the surface of the ship tells a very different tale.

The human race is at a crossroads; we as a species are undergoing a shift that is reflected at every level of our society and the larger system that we have created for ourselves upon this planet.  Our consciousness is expanding, and with this comes a growing awareness of how not only ineffective, but dangerous the dominant paradigm is towards our continued survival as a species.

The Malthusian-Darwinian paradigm preaches competition, consumption, and survival of the fittest.  It suggests that this is the defining characteristic of existence, that this is what happens throughout the rest of nature, and that we as humans are now fitting into the mold.  It serves as the justification for our ego-centric, materialistic, capitalistic existence, attempting to convince us that this is what nature programs into our cells.

This is a lie.  This is misinformation, perpetuated by the people who benefit from the system in its current state.  A society truly modeled after nature is no new concept, humans have been living this way for thousands of years, and it is one based upon harmony and mutual-cooperation.  Numerous ancient civilizations have lived in harmony and sustainably with the Earth.  We know that it worked then, and we know that it can work now.

In nature, most animals spend their lives living in harmony, with brief periods of competion, not the other way around.  Competition does exist, but this only happens when animals are competing after the same resources or are attempting to occupy the same niche.  The level of competition present is also dependent upon the scarcity of resources within an environment.

If one’s intent is to destabilize, divide, and conquer in order to establish a small faction of controlling elites, what way could be more effective than the tactics currently being implemented?  By creating a focus upon scarcity, upon competition, upon the ego, upon consumption, and upon fear, the control system successfully influences the choices that we make in order to harness our energy and funnel it towards their own corrupted endeavours.

It’s not that this mentality is outdated, for never was there a time in our history where this could actually be deemed an acceptable or effective modality of existence.  This mentality is poison, it is fundamentally flawed, and it is time that we apply not only our feelings but our logic to the situation that we have let carry on for too long.

We do not need the system to survive, the system needs us.  It needs the constant influx of our energy to continue spinning and to stay in motion.  It is short-sighted, benefits few, hurts many, focuses upon unbridled consuption, constant production, and is highly inefficient.  Technology and quality of life is great, but is not worth sacrificing our planet, our freedom, and our lives.  We can have all of these things.  We do not need to give this fractured, failing system our power.

Let us return to the Earth, let us return to the rhythm of life that we feel pulse through our bodies and fills every cell of our beings.  Let us return to our home, let us make all our decisions based upon how it affects us, others around us, the planet, and the entire universe.  We get to choose where we express our energy, and the more of us that choose sustainable living practices, harmony and quality over consumption, fear and quantity, the faster we shall make the change come about.

The organic vessel Earth has been around for a long time.  If we want humans to continue to be a part of its journey through the cosmos, and to step into our next evolution of consciousness and our place within the universe, it is up to us.  Choose, wisely.  Choose love.  But ultimately, each and every single one of us must choose.

Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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Everything I See is Me

Costa Rica, flower, radial

I AM . . . life.

In life, every single instant and interaction exists for the growth of the self and the universe into the highest harmony of All That Is.  Toaists like to refer to this as the Tai Chi, or the Supreme Ultimate, which can also be described as Unity.  At the center of all existence is the infinite singularity of All That Is Here and Now, the roar of Ohm, the spark of transcendent being-ness that permeates the entire universe.

This is the universal substrate from which you and I and every single being of energy in the universe arises.  An amazing thing about the Supreme Ultimate is that it holds within itself all of the infinite potential and possibilities in the universe, yet it itself is beyond differentiation.  In this way it is referred to as chaotic unity, and is at the center of all being.

What happens next is the story that is told in countless different cultures in countless different ways, yet with one penultimate constant.  Creation, differentiation, the unfolding of the tree of life, the fractioning of the whole into the boundless possibilities of existence in the universe.  In this process arose the myriad forms and states of being that energy manifest in and occupy.

At the center of being lies a paradox, for Unity contains within itself the possibility of its own negation, it’s own opposite.  This is the perspective of separation, the linchpin of the ego mind, and is the root of all injustice, negativity, pain, and darkness in the world.  And it is completely necessary.  As infinite beings of consciousness within Unity, the illusion of separateness exists for us to understand the difference between the two.

This is the penultimate question, penned so simply by William Shakespeare in ‘Hamlet.’  To be, or not to be.

These concepts appear to be contradictory, appear to be negate and deny each other, yet they are only different perspectives, different manners in which to view the vastness of the universe.  Duality is not a static state, as our dominant cultural and scientific paradigms would have us believe.  For from this separation arises the constant integration and balance between these two ‘opposing’ perspectives.

We are in the midst of this process, called the moment, which is the endless integration of duality into itself.  We are a part of the endless ebb and flow of energy in the perpetual, dynamic equilibrium of existence.

The mechanism that allows us to navigate and experience the boundless aspects of the universe is called choice, a concept that we are all aware of.  This is the free will that is fundamental to all being, and this is what allows us to experience the universe from different perspectives.  Some may be darker than others, some may be more comfortable, there may even be a particular flavor in infinity that you enjoy more than others.

No matter which way we choose to view the universe, our perspective is valid.  It may, however, not be the most effective or the most harmonious.  It may only encompass a fraction of the infinite being-ness that is present, and that is ok.  In fact, it’s great.  Yet it is still a part of the whole as well, an integral factor of Unity, and an essential part of the journey home into All That Is.

To be infinite is our natural state of being, it is where we come from and where we always are and will be.  We don’t need to do anything to be in this state.  On the contrary, we actually need to un-do, we need to no longer choose to be fractured and separate.  We need let go of our attachments to specific outcomes and moments in space and time.

We allow ourselves to be infinite by not creating any limits upon our being.

In doing so, we return to wholeness.  In All That Is, we are all of the infinite potential and all of the infinite form.  We relax, we let go, and we enjoy the glorious dance of existence through the endless eternities of the now.

Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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The Less I Do, The Better I Be

iguana, costa rica, wildlife

I Am All That Is Here and Now.

Has anyone ever told you that you are doing too much?  If so, you may have responded to the sentiment with a variety of different emotions or reactions.

The first one, perhaps, would be outright dismissal, the reaction that is commonly referred to as denial.  This is the most typical reaction to observations or information that we do not understand, are not open to receive, or do not wish to hear.  In a world filled with an infinite number of different belief structures and perceptions of reality, it is actually quite often now that we are confronted with information that simply does not fit or seemingly contradicts our own definition of the universe.

Often we identify this sort of reaction with radical groups or extremists whose interpretation of events is ‘wildly skewed’ from that of the rest of the world.  The supposed finality of a viewpoint held by these groups as the only possible and acceptable perspective attempts to negate the validity of any dissenting opinion.  Yet, we actually see this quite often in our society; in politics, in dogmatic religious institutions, in topics such as gay marriage, or even which sports team is the best.

If you find yourself stuck in a perception that allows no space for dissenting opinions, or furthermore you choose to be offended, attacked, or insulted by said opinions, you are doing too much.

The second response could be one of bewilderment.  What does that even mean, ‘doing too much,’ one may ask?  In living life, in every moment, we are constantly confronted with a series of choices.  Each choice is a cause the yields a new effect, which then becomes a new cause for another possible effect, ad infinitum.  In any given experience, we have a choice of how we define the incoming information, which affects how we perceive the information, which will then influence the action that we take.

Now, we always have choice.  Some of us have the tendency to absolve ourselves of our choices, to neglect that we have the ability to choose how we experience our reality.  If you ever used the expression ‘made me feel,’ then this is referring to you.  This is the mentality of one that has put their power outside of themselves, one who chooses to be a victim, or one who has absolutely no idea the choices they are making that influence their state of being.

When hard experiences happen in life, or we are unhappy with our circumstances, we have a tendency to cast blame outside of ourselves.  This accomplishes nothing.  We need to recognize that we are always contributing factors to our own situation, in what actually happens and in how we respond.  Our choices have lead us to where we are, and only through our choices can we get to where we want to go.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to look at the choices that you are making/not making.  In this case, you may be doing too much and not even know it.

The third is one of that comes from a space of conscious presence and awareness, and that response is acceptance.  Am I doing too much, and what does that mean?  It means that I have allowed my ego mind to make decisions or choose perceptions for me, and in doing so I am out of balance.  The Toaist concept of wu wei refers to action through non-action.  This means that a choice I can make is not to act impulsively and rashly from my ego mind, but to choose non-action and not to emotionally react to any given information.

I am not here to ‘do’ with my mind, but to ‘be’ from my heart.  This means that I am constantly anchored in the present moment, and that I allow myself to feel.  I don’t try to intellectualize every experience, I instead strive to emotionalize my experience.  I do not force things into being, instead I ‘be’ – I consciously choose to emanate the vibration that I wish to experience in my reality.  The action that I choose to take is to allow the universe to flow, and in doing so I attract this energy to me.

In this case, we know that instead of doing too much we need to do nothing.  We choose to be here now, to be in flow, and take action from this state of being.  Action taken from the now moment is attraction, as we choose to open and shape the universe in concordance with the highest harmony of All That Is Now.

On your journey, know that you don’t need to do too much.  Be easy, be love, and enjoy the ride.  As always, with gratitude and unconditional love.

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Have an Amazing Now

nature, costa rica, art, face

Every moment is inner peace when we choose to allow it to be so.

I wanted to express to the universe that I am boundlessly grateful for all of the blessings and magic that is in my life.  Today I celebrate my 28th birthday, and when I return to this moment each year it is with feelings of accomplishment, gratitude, amazement and contentment.

I am always filled with awe when I glance back upon the previous year of  the journey.  Observing it from this new perspective allows me to notice distinct chapters, segments of time during which I was harmonizing a particular experience and state of being within the universe.  Each spectrum of vibration that I explored was completely unique, and very different flavors.

Observing myself in the past year, I do so without judgment.  Yes, the conditions and parameters of certain experiences may have been a bit more physically and emotionally arduous.  Some of them brought me into spectrums of exhaustion, resistance and fear.  Others were filled with doubt, or with uncertainty.  Others still were composed of joy, growth, and love.

Every experience and every emotion is a facet upon the infinite surface of the now.  Every single point in space and time is completely unique, and reflection of the exultant beauty and joy inherent in creation.

When I am free of bias towards my experience and allow every emotion to be what it is, I transition into a new realm of inner stillness and peace.  I allow myself to be within every experience and to feel every emotion completely.  I do not give undue power to moments in time by artificially inflating the emotional charge I feel during during any particular state.

This entire process is choice, being conscious of how I choose to define and interpret my reality in every single moment.  For every moment happens as it does for us to experience it, learn from it, and recognize the patterns and choices that make during the process.  This awareness allows us to grow further and more consciously be — to express the energy and be the change that we wish to see.

So upon our journeys, observe the self gently and with praise.  This is what our journey looks like, and we are all doing great.  Unconditional love to all, and gratitude for the ability to be.

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The Mechanics of Prayer

Prayer means many different things to many different people.  It is something that is so pervasive in our lives that it permeates fully through our societies and cultures.  All cultures and religious traditions have their own practices when it comes to prayer, but let us acknowledge the similar theme.  People all over the world right now are praying, to influence their world and the universe in myriad ways.  But what factors determine the effectiveness of prayer, what is the fundamental basis of its function?  How does it work to influence our daily lives and shape our world?

Prayer is our divine and innate connection with the fabric of reality, the way that we write our free will upon the world.  To completely examine the nature of prayer we must look at it through various lenses and perspectives, involving spirituality and science, to find the common factors that describe this ancient tradition.

To better understand the mechanics of prayer, let us view it through the Quantum lens.  A crucial part of Quantum physics, Warner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle dictates that we can only measure where a particle is, or how fast it is moving.  The act of measuring one of these quantities actually increases uncertainty in the other.  What this means is that energy exists as a wave when unobserved, and as a particle when we measure observe it in a location.  Observation is the action that separates a particle into either state.  But what is the particle when it is not being observed?

Waves in Quantum are actually waves of probability, where everything exists as a formless potentia throughout which any possible outcome can arise.  Consciousness interacts with the infinite potentia to create and collapse the world around us into what we call our reality.  But our true reality lies within the infinite, as parts of the all connected unitive consciousness of energy.  Every particle and atom in the universe is born from the same infinite miasma, and as such, absolutely everything in the universe is one.

The focus of prayer does not need to be directed outward to an external source, it needs to be directed inwards, into our own personal connection with the source.  By actively focusing our consciousness, we collapse the wave function of energies, and we consciously create the universe around us.  We have stumbled through Quantum theory to finally come to the conclusion that its fundamental function works exactly as prayer does.  But with this new foundation in mind, let us examine prayer in its current state.

But to focus our energy is more than just naming the new reality or possibility, it requires complementing it with thought, feeling, and belief.  To influence the fabric of existence, we must consciously create with our intent.  Prayers are more than just reciting words and chants, it is to be done with feeling, with purpose, and with intent.  The combination and arrangement of words isn’t what makes prayer powerful, but what comes from our hearts.  By feeling and making a vibration, we send that wave out to influence the infinite probabilities and possibilities in the universe.

Intent and strong feeling are the ways that we create our vibration, and manage the frequency of our wave.   Every feeling, mindset, emotion, and thought has a corresponding coherent wave pattern that propagates outward into the fabric of the universe.  As it moves through the infinite potential energy, it creates further waves and ripples, and influences all of the energy it comes into contact with.  When praying, our intent and pure emotion are the catalysts that actually shape the universe around us, that collapse all of the waves into existence, into reality.  We create and shape the world around us with simple, natural, human feelings.

But the caveat from Heisenberg again is that we can influence the wave with our energy, but when we observe it collapses.  In prayer, if we are so tied up and entangled with our intent, trying to observe our reality and call it into existence at the same time, we make the energy collapse.  Intent fails if we are attached to the outcome of our prayers, for the energy cannot occupy both states; we can know it as wave/vibration or as particle/location due to uncertainty.  The most important part of effective prayer and manifesting is to be free of attachment to the outcomes, so that your vibration and intent are not interfered with by observation.

The ego mind plays the biggest role in attaching to the outcomes, as it is focused upon controlling the ‘how’ of the universe, or the particular way and pattern the energy expresses itself.  But we cannot bend the universe to our will; we can work with it to influence and shape the expression of its energy.  Instead of wishing, hoping for something to come to pass, we must instead be and feel the vibration that we wish to experience, that we wish to send out and influence the rest of the universe.  One must feel, completely and wholly, that an intent or outcome already exists in the universe, is already happening.  By surrounding ourselves with our new reality, our present reality grows to encompass the new vibration.

With this new glimpse at the mechanics of prayer, we see people all around the world, whether knowingly or unknowingly, constantly shape their daily existence.  The universe is made of energy, and to better understand and interact with it, we need to only speak in its language; emotion.  Prayer molds the medium, and paints the picture of the world around us.  We simply need to be the vibration, be the wave, and be the change in the world that we want to see.  We aren’t waiting for the world to change, it is already happening, right now, in each moment.   As we all consciously focus our awareness, intent, and emotion to call forth the vibrations and the energy we wish to experience in our universe.


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Time to Flow

flower, time, costa rica

Time is but a face upon the water.

In taking the time to go back and repost articles on to the Wanderlust, I find I am given the gift of observing a chronicle of my growth throughout this physical experience that we call life.

Time is something so fleeting, as soon as you blink it’s already gone.  The moment can seem so substantial at times, so heavy and so fixed in place.  Yet in other situations it becomes ethereal, corporeal, and elusive.  As Eintstein observed, everything is relative.  The motion inherent in the concept of time is reminiscent of illusion.  It is eternally transient.  If one tries to grasp it, hold it and fix it into place, like grains of sand it begins to flow through one’s fingers and dissipate.

Our experience of the moment is greatly influenced by letting go of our attachment to its state, and allowing oneself to sink and relax into it completely.  I think about the atom, about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle.  Either we know where an atom is or we know how fast it is going.  Focusing in upon one of these qualities increases the uncertainty in knowing the other.

Looking at the universe, observing it, watching it flow, we are aware that we are in the presence an endless dance, of an immensely choreographed play of a magnitude beyond our ability to comprehend.  From this perspective, I am aware that it is acting as a single cohesive unit towards a glorious, ultimate balance and harmony.  I am aware that infinite beings are moving in boundless cycles at different rates and speeds.  All different experiences and perspectives will be found in exploring the infinite points of space and time.  The All is everywhere.

Focusing in upon a single moment, and being attached to it, is like watching a play and only paying attention to the actions and dialogue of one specific character.  Taken apart from the whole, it may appear that everything is happening around that character, or that it is happening to that character.  In addition, we are devoid of context to understand that character’s motivations, and the character’s choices and actions seem to make absolutely no sense at all.

When we take a single moment in time and pull it out of the flow, it’s essence changes.  It is no longer the same thing.  Like the atom, in isolating that particular moment, it changes the state of the particle.  The nature and state of the moment is changed in the act of measuring or observing it.

A critical factor of the moment is its placement with respect to the rest of the time, with the rest of the universe.  The importance of a single actor or dancer may be lost without the entire ensemble or surrounding cast of characters in the play.  To understand the actions and motivations of the single character, it requires its placement amidst the rest of the cast.  To understand the now, it requires our awareness of its presence as an intergral part of the entire universe.  Here it rests as a bridge between the past and the future.

The past was once now, the future will one day be the now.  They actually have a lot in common.  The moment isn’t a singular occurrence, the now isn’t an isolated incident.  The now moment is ALL of time, past and future are created by perspective.  We move through the universe, the cosmically interwoven dance of the here and now, as it simultaneously moves through us.  The now is eternal, and its change and flow is endless.

Yet from our perspective of time, an interesting observation surfaces.  Progress.  Through our immersion in the endless fabric of space-time, we can be aware of and experience the sensation of progression.  We can look back through our former nows and see how we have changed and grown.  We can see how all of these former nows, which may not have made any sense, played an essential part in bringing us into our current state of being.  We can see how these previous states are absolutely necessary for any continued growth into the future.

From all of the past chapters in life to the current one, we have learned and grown.  This continues as we create the next chapter and it blossoms before our eyes.  One of the most important things we can learn upon our journey to aid us in our travels is HOW to learn effectively.  It requires acceptance of the now, it requires saying yes to the moment, and it requires choosing how we perceive the current state and expressing back into the cosmos.

It is an incredible journey.  Allow yourself to relax into it, and enjoy the ride.  Unconditional love, and gratitude.


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Energy Workshop: Part 1 – Foundation and the Chakras

energy, vortex, chakras

All energy is in perpetual, dynamic harmony. We are flow.

As the world’s awakening accelerates toward critical mass, many people are experiencing a new elevation of awareness and energy. While many have been travelling down this road for some time, many more are just now being initiated into these mysteries, realizing and relearning that an inner quest has guided their footsteps and is opening all of the infinite potential in each one of us. Many past experiences and encounters now seem colored anew by this elevated awareness, and it is becoming clear how each past experience was all-along an unwitting step in this same on-going process of human awakening.

All have been the initiate at some point in this journey, and it can be overwhelming to deal with so many new forces and energies present during this transition. Thankfully, there are many different spiritual traditions, meditation practices, and other useful energy tools to aid us during this process.

You may, or may not, already have an inclination of the methods and practices that work best for you, and are most in tune with your energy. Either way, it is important to listen to your intuition and feelings, to find the practice that particularly resonates with you.

But as with any type of personal development or growth, a firm foundation needs to be in place to support this evolution of our energy.

Where to start? Well, from the ground up, of course.

The following series of articles will delve into the foundations of our existence as energy, and the delicate dance between the matter and energy that makeup our beings. These range from informative discourse and step-by-step instructions, to meditative practices, visualization techniques, and other ways to control, regulate and express energy in harmony with the universe and with the natural flow of your life.

We are the infinite energy of the universe, the source of all that is. And much like a crystal, this energy has many different facets, including energies that occupy all spectrums and is of every magnitude.

In many spiritual traditions, the most primal and base aspects of this energy are represented by the 5 major elements. The names of the elements differ by spiritual tradition and cultural influence, but I shall refer to them as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Akasha.

Earth – this energy is in the physical spectrum, is solid, dense, and enduring. It anchors our foundation, is very firm, structured, and stable. This energy makes up our physical being, and awareness of our surroundings.

Water – this refers to emotional energy, and is compassionate, sensitive and reflective. Our emotions flow from one state to another, and this energy is fluid and cool. Water is also a tool for emotional cleansing.

Fire – fire energy is transformational and accompanies changes of state. This fire is active, hot, and expansive, and it fills us with passion. Fire is attached to empowerment, and taking action.

Air – this energy is mental and intellectual. Wise, communicative, and articulate, air loosens our minds, makes us thoughtful and cooperative.

Akasha – this energy is unifying, referring to the matrix or fabric through which the energies of the universe are expressed. It is ether, open to other dimensions, and part of the infinite nature of the universe. Akasha is awareness of the universal energy, is informative, and timeless.

Developing awareness of our energy body is the first step toward building a foundation for working with universal energy, and the first step toward realizing our fullest potential as energetic beings.


In our physical vessels, we have 7 individual energy channels, centered along the body’s prime meridian, that are in many traditions referred to as chakras.

Our chakras are channels for different types of energy and purposes. When in balance, all of a person’s chakras are open and connected in a flowing energy exchange with the source, resulting in deep feelings of harmony and purpose. However, due to environmental and energetic influences upon us, our chakras may become blocked and close, resulting in imbalance within our physical vessels and emotional instability in life.

The 7 Chakras

1st Root Chakra– Located at the base of the coccyx area for men, and a bit higher for women, the root chakra coincides with the element Earth, and is its name, root, indicates connection to source through the Earth. Energy flowing through our root chakra keeps us grounded and centered. When this chakra is blocked, our awareness is scattered, and our lives confusing. This is a deep and important connection to the source, and anchors us in the present moment.

2nd Sacral Chakra – The sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen between the root chakra and the navel, is connected to the element Water, and is deeply tied to creation. It is the channel for emotional and sexual energy, the energies of birth and growth, as well as our creative energies. When this chakra is blocked our creativity is stagnant, and our sexual energy is low.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra, located just above the navel below the center breastbone, is powered by the element Fire, and helps us to affect the universe. The flow of energy through this chakra is responsible for empowerment and manifestation, accomplishing worldly things. If this chakra is blocked, one feels powerless to take action to change the world.

4th Heart Chakra – The heart chakra is located between the breasts, in the center of the breastbone, and is composed of all elements of energy in harmony. It brings us clarity and intelligence, and is the guiding wisdom of our heart. Energy flowing through this channel expresses unconditional love for the self, for the universe, for all. When this chakra is blocked there is a lack of confidence, low self-worth, and the feeling of being unloved.

5th Throat Chakra – Located at the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone, this chakra flows with energy of the element Air, and dictates our communication and expression. With the throat chakra open we are more able to speak our truth, say what we feel, and express ourselves. When we do not say what is on our minds, or keep our thoughts inside, or when we let things happen that bother us or disagree with us, the throat chakra is blocked, and our expression is stifled.

6th Third Eye Chakra – Just between the physical eyes and the brow is the third eye chakra, a combination of all the elements. Here is where our inner perceptions are gathered and bolstered. Connected to the Pineal Gland, our third eye helps us to find our wisdom, and is referred to as our psychic energy, or intuition. Lack of energy flow through this chakra leaves us very disconnected and out of tune with our feelings and intuitions, helpless.

7th Crown Chakra – The crown chakra is at the very top of the head, slightly to the back, and flows with energy of the element Akasha, or ether. This is our connection to the cosmic consciousness, to the higher dimensions of the universe. When we are open, the source energy of the universe flows in and out of our crown chakra, making us aware, informative and enlightened. When the crown chakra is blocked we are very disconnected from our higher selves and from our spirituality.

These 7 chakras comprise the energy system that makes us the powerfully energetic beings that we are, the architects and co-creators of our own universe.

When all of our chakras are open, source energy flows freely and fully through our physical vessels, and we are balanced, in harmony, inspired. When we are blocked, there are many different tools and meditation techniques that we can use to re-open and unblock our chakras, and return to our equilibrium and balance.

In subsequent parts of this series we will discuss how to unblock one’s energy using a variety of meditation and visualization techniques.

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